Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a technology which uses your existing telephone line to provide a high speed data connection. Subscribing to ADSL will offer your business speeds of up to 40 times that of a conventional modem.

The advantages of signing up for ADSL through Us rather than BT are:

We can transfer and host your domain name, BT's current policy does not allow for this.

We will allow you to use your current domain name.

We can assign Static IP addresses if required.

We have not closed off any ports which means there will be no disruption to services such as ICQ, IRC, etc. BT are currently closing off ports which may disrupt the above services.

Over recent years companies have undoubtedly experienced a communication revolution, meaning that the ability to conduct business faster is now just a formality. But what if you were offered the opportunity of permanent and even faster Internet connectivity?
This is now possible with ADSL: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line – a technology supplied through BT, which transforms the existing pair of copper wires between a customer’s telephone socket and the local telephone exchange, into a high-speed digital connection.

By subscribing, the business benefits to be enjoyed are extensive. It operates over a conventional telephone line, so there is no need to incur the cost of a new line and with permanent Internet connectivity, you the customer no longer have to waste time establishing a dial up connection. Furthermore the telephony signal is separated from the ADSL signal, meaning that you are able to surf the Internet and make telephone calls simultaneously.

Three bandwidth options are available from 512 kbits per second to up to 2Mbits per second. With a constant upstream speed of up to 256 kbits per second, ADSL is designed specifically in mind for end users who wish to receive more information than they send.

Installation couldn’t be easier: for each end user, an ADSL modem and splitter will be provided and installed by BT and you will be reassured to know that ADSL is charged at a flat rate enabling you to enjoy permanent Internet connectivity without having to incur telephone charges. Therefore if your business is currently spending in excess of £50 on its monthly Internet telephone bill, ADSL should certainly be considered.

A notable point is that ADSL and the available downstream speeds are distance relative. In order to achieve optimum speeds, end users need to be situated within 3.5km of the local exchange containing ADSL equipment

Choosing Interactive Web to provide ADSL means that you will be using the services of an award winning Internet Service Provider. Therefore you can take comfort in the knowledge that we will provide the quality of service and the technical expertise to make your transition to ADSL a smooth and trouble free experience.

So, if you want your business to increase its information awareness faster, for a set monthly charge, ADSL is the business solution for your company.



ADSL Services  
Product Description
Max Speed
One off install fee
(ex VAT)
Quarterly Rental
(ex VAT)
business 500 USB
500 Kbps
business 500 Network
500 Kbps
business 1000 Network
1000 Kbps
business 2000 Network
2000 Kbps

Please note: A minimum contract period for 12 months applies and billing is made quarterly in advance


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