The design process usually consists of up to six steps:

Step 1 (optional) We give you a brief presentation about the Internet, including where it all started and where we think it's going in the future.
Step 2 You provide us with details about your company; pictures/graphics, brochures, marketing material, etc. for initial site proposal.
Step 3 We prepare a proposed storyboard/outline, with examples of backgrounds, titles, illustrations, layout, etc. to give you an idea of what we think your site could look like.
Step 4 We then discuss this with you, and agree the development time and cost. Then we go away and write detailed specifications, with descriptions of every page.
Step 5 Once the specification is agreed, you provide us with any further images/material which are required. (Ensuring that you have permission to use all material without breeching copyrights). We will then get on with writing the HTML code for the site.
Step 6 Once we think that it's ready for final approval, we let you take a look. If you are happy with the site we then issue an invoice for the site design, and make it live.