• INTWEB is a SMTP/POP3 mail server software package for Windows 95 and NT. This is typically the type of mail server software required to send e-mail to users on a LAN and also to the Internet. INTWEB E-Mail Gateway allows an organisation to implement an inexpensive but powerful mail system that will allow users to e-mail one another, and users on the Internet without the need for expensive, routers, or dedicated lines.

What's so unique about INTWEB that would save money over other mail servers?
  • This. INTWEB has the ability to route mail to an entire network through one connection and mailbox from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). If a company has (as little as) one dial up access account from a provider with a single mailbox they can provide e-mail service to their entire organisation.

How does it do that?
  • Easy. We have the ability to forward all mail headed to a destination to a single e-mail box. So, let's say for example that you have a mailbox called: info@yourname.co.uk. This is called a POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3) account. We can send anything headed to yourname.co.uk to that single mailbox like sales@yourname.co.uk, Tech@yourname.co.uk, so on and so forth. INTWEB can log into this single mailbox and retrieve this mail, sort it out and send it to the matching mailbox that you've defined in INTWEB on your local network. Not only that, but it can do it at any interval that you define from one minute on up. It will also dial your account automatically ,to check for and send new mail.

What if we have more than one POP3 account we want to check?
  • No problem. INTWEB has what's called MultiPOP. You can check as many POP3 accounts as you like, however only one of the POP3 accounts can be parsed for aliased mail. The other POP3 accounts mail would be delivered to whatever single mailbox that you define in INTWEB for that particular POP3 account.

Can we use INTWEB with other Internet connections other than a dial up?
  • Yes! INTWEB supports several types of connections to the Internet including modem, ISDN, leased, etc. INTWEB is scaleable, so it can grow as your organisation's mail needs to grow.

I am sure that INTWEB must be missing some other mail server features if it does this other mystical stuff.
  • No. INTWEB supports listserv, aliasing, auto responders, auto forwarding, multiple domains, remote administration, and a host of other features. The unlimited version supports 5000 users, so you can use INTWEB anywhere - from the smallest LAN to a large organisation.

OK, I want to use my single dial-up account to not only provide Internet and internal mail to my LAN, but general Internet access as well. My staff wants to surf the web and other things simultaneously.
  • YES! INTWEB is fully compatible with Win Gateway, and will use the same connection that Win Gateway is using to provide simultaneous WWW access (and other applications) to the Internet.

What kind of mail packages does INTWEB work with?
  • INTWEB works with any Winsock compliant POP3 mail software such as MS Exchange, MS Internet mail, Eudora,Pegasus, Netscape, E-mail Connection, and many others.

OK, you gave me the hard sell. What do I need to do now?
  • Order our INTWEB Internet Gateway Server fully configured. From 1200 for 25 e-mail accounts.