Interactive Web offers a full web site design service.
  • HTML page design, including Java, JavaScript, CSS and DHTML.
  • Animations/moving graphics (GIF, AVI, etc...) graphics enhancement - photographs and images scanned and improved.
  • 3D modelling in VRML and QTVR, audio clips and 'on screen' forms.
  • Registering Domain names, and setting up email forwarding.

  • Members of our design team include Graphic Designers, Programmers, and Marketing people, so you can be confident that we understand all aspects of web site design.

    When speaking to our customers we discovered that they didn't want us to say things like;
    "We can't give you a price until you tell us exactly what you want",
    which is the response that they were getting from others.
    They wanted us to give them a basic package price, so we put together some packages, with prices, and we also publish a list of our prices for other services.